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In the past, Canadian Students Society Membership is available to all Oxford University students for £5/year or £15/lifetime membership. Oxford Brookes Students and friends/family of current members are also welcome to buy a membership! Membership sales allow the Society to offer all our wonderful events during the term.

Members receive great benefits! In normal times, all members are guaranteed free entry into all of our events, receive a free drink at our annual Quiz Night, as well as a free drink and meal at our Spring BBQ. We are working on membership during the COVI-19 pandemic. Contact us for more information or click below to purchase a membership! 

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"Being so far away from the familiar, but often unbearably cold boarders of Canada, it was important to have a small connection to home. Being a member of the Canadians Society, but even more so being an executive, I got to help with organizing a number of quintessentially Canadian events with the highlights including an introductory walking tour of oxford, a pub crawl, Canadian trivia night, hockey night in Canada in the UK and a Canadian tuxedo social. The Canadian Society has been a fundamentally positive experience as it provided the perfect forum to bond and learn from fellow Canadians and has provided numerous opportunities to partake in exciting events."


                                                                                       Lauren Karrys 

                                                         Toronto & St Antony's College

"While the transition from the Canadian to the British way of life was fairly easy given that there was no language barrier, I often found myself missing the little things about home in Toronto, namely the people. At a time when everything around me was new, the Canadian Society provided me with a sense of familiarity and allowed me to interact with fellow Canadians, which made it a lot easier to be away from my family and friends. During my tenure on the executive committee, I had the chance to participate in several events that celebrated the Canadian spirit at Oxford, and I got to meet some amazing people. Although there are many, my most fond memory has to be singing along to the 'O Canada' at an Oxford vs. Cambridge hockey game surrounded by a slew of Canadians that may have never met had it not been for the Society."

                                                                      Loryssa Quattrociocchi 

                                                             Toronto & St Hugh's College

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